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New from fall 2023: Tourism & Hospitality Management also in Dual Form

February 22, 2023

Combine your studies with a top job – and vice versa. Develop professional skills at an academic level and collect a salary in return? That’s exactly what will be possible starting in fall 2023 with the new dual version of the Bachelor’s program in Tourism & Hospitality Management at FHWien der WKW!

Are you interested in tourism and would like to work in a higher management position – e.g. in a top hotel, in upscale gastronomy, with a tour operator, in the event or congress sector etc.?

Advantages of the dual study program

If you study Tourism & Hospitality Management in the dual format at FHWien der WKW for three years, you will spend half of the study time (20 hours/week) with one of our practical partners from the third semester onwards. In return, you will also receive a salary in line with your industry and position. You will complete the other half of the study time on campus of FHWien der WKW.

The advantages are obvious: After three years, you will already have two years of professional experience in tourism management in addition to your Bachelor’s degree. This makes you very interesting for employers who require an academic education for corresponding positions and also often expect a certain amount of practical experience. Moreover, you have already earned two years of good money.

Dual study program Tourism & Hospitality Management – 6 semesters explained in 1 minute

Don’t worry if the term doesn’t mean anything to you (yet). You are not alone in this. This study format has established itself in recent years in the Austrian higher education area, but for the time being only in connection with technical branches of study at six universities of applied sciences, and about 250 cooperating companies. Beyond that this form of studying is still largely unknown with us.

The dual study program combines the transfer of knowledge at the university of applied sciences with the practical application of what has been learned at a practical partner: In addition to their university of applied sciences, the students thus have a second place of study from the third semester onwards, namely a training partner in the business world. There they have a fixed workplace where they not only earn money, but can also directly apply and practically test their acquired knowledge.

Study the practice + practice the studies

The great advantages of the dual format of this study program – both for the students and for the companies in the tourism sector – are obvious: Our students develop a stronger, more direct, more intensive relationship with the local industry. This also fits aptly with FHWien der WKW’s slogan: “Study real business”. And in the dual format of the degree program, the slogan “Practice your studies.” will then additionally apply starting in the fall of 2023.

For all those interested in the dual format, there is also the unique opportunity to be among the first graduates of this new academic training model: The first will be the first!

Note: The dual format of the study program in Tourism & Hospitality Management is currently in the “accreditation phase” and must still be officially approved by the appropriate bodies.