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Laughing makes you healthy in a business field project with CliniClowns

April 25, 2022

In a business field project with CliniClowns, students from the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication designed meaningful campaigns to acquire new sponsors.

The non-profit organisation CliniClowns relies on people who want to bring some joy and happiness to the hospital stay of seriously ill children and adults. These include not only the members of the association themselves, but also those who wish to make a financial contribution. Funding through donations and sponsorship is therefore an important prerequisite for the implementation of laughter therapy on site. To this end, the CliniClowns commissioned a team of students from the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication to develop a high-impact communication concept for the acquisition of new sponsors in their first business field project.

Sponsorship with positive side effects

With clearly defined targets for donation volume, reach and interaction rate, the “Future Shapers” team started their first business field project in the winter semester 2021/22. Based on a creative guiding idea in line with the motto: “immediate and with instant positive impact,” they developed a comprehensive communications strategy designed to appeal to large corporations as well as smaller companies and startups. The team convinced with a detailed action plan for brand awareness and acquisition, which ranged from building a social media profile to automation processes and success monitoring.

Elisabeth Ort, general secretary at CliniClowns, was thrilled with the results:

“I was very pleased that the students were so intensively involved with the CliniClowns. You can tell that they put a lot of brainpower into it. I really like the clear elaboration of the target groups, an essential core message and strategy. We will certainly implement the ideas in an adapted form!”

Project coach Martina Zöbl is also very satisfied with the result:

“After all, the students are only in their 3rd semester and are thrown right into the deep end with their first business field project. They have mastered this challenge brilliantly. Through their already acquired expert knowledge and learning by doing, they have already shown at the beginning of their second year of study what potential they have!”

The students have summarized their impressions of the successfully completed first business field project in this video:

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