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It’s YOUR center! Boosting awareness for WIEN MITTE The Mall

February 2, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its trace on stationary retail. Therefore, WIEN MITTE The Mall engaged the English taught cohort from the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication to create innovative activation campaigns to stimulate visits.

During the winter semester 2021-22 five students’ teams from the English Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication (3rd semester) faced their first business field project under demanding circumstances. Despite lockdown and COVID-19-conditioned restrictions they managed to conduct market surveys on-site and impress the client with thought-out communication campaigns that activate customers to visit “WIEN MITTE The Mall”, a popular retail complex situated in the center of Vienna.

Strategy and execution on a high level

After the client’s briefing, the students’ teams “Changency”, “Lighthousemarketing”, “Refresh”, “Sixhead” and “Vlaamm” started with a detailed analysis of the current situation. They conducted “desktop research” and SWOT-analysis as well as got in touch with the target groups itself by interviewing them at the mall. On this basis, they elaborated thoughtful communication strategies using all their expert knowledge acquired so far. Matching personas were created as well as customer journeys that link social media campaigns with OOH advertising to boost visits. Furthermore, they showed enormous creativity: Acting as agencies they elaborated real-life previews of their proposed advertising measures and proved their expertise in handling with graphics programs and digital tools.

Final pitch: Accomplishments from the client

In a final pitch before the client the students showed their professionalism by thoroughly planned presentations. Their innovative and impressive communication campaigns definitely reached the ultimate goal: increasing frequency and attracting new customers. WIEN MITTE The Mall’s Real estate manager Florian Richter stated after the final presentations:

“I am happy about the decision to collaborate with FHWien der WKW this semester. It was amazing to see what each group came up with and the presentations were very advanced. I am glad that I don’ t have to decide which group was the best, because that decision would be almost impossible. Everyone did a great and creative job!”


The Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication is a pure English taught program focusing on students that either come from foreign countries and want to study in Vienna, the Center of Europe, or are passionate about the English language. Becoming a communication generalist after three years, they are ready for entering a job in the fields of communication, marketing or advertising and much more.

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