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International Human Resource Management

June 11, 2019

Important visitor for the 4th semester students in the human resources management study program: In May, Prof. Dr. Allen Engle, Sr., an internationally recognized scientist and professor at Eastern Kentucky University, taught in the module “International Human Resources Management”.

Our students from the Human Resource Management study program were delighted to have a very special lecturer this summer semester. Prof. Dr. Allen D. Engle, Sr. is Professor of Management at the College of Business and Technology and Foundation Professor at Eastern Kentucky University.

“Allen Engle is an expert in International Human Resources. We are very pleased that he will contribute his knowledge to the course at FHWien der WKW. Our students will benefit greatly from his international expertise,” said Brigitte Hampel, Academic Coordinator, during his introduction.

He held the lecture on “International HRM” for our full-time as well as our part-time students and provided insights into international theories and practices in personnel management. Group work and case studies ensured interactive and varied teaching. “The students are very bright in the sections. I enjoyed my lecture” was Dr. Engle summed up the Course.

Besides the teaching, there was also time to celebrate. “We are also particularly pleased that our international guest professor Allen Engle came to our alumni festival,” said Christina Schweiger, Head of the study program, while welcoming the expert at this year’s graduate party PWOE 10+6, where we chatted with him a relaxed atmosphere.

Mag. Brigitte Hampel
Academic Coordinator Human Resources Management / Organizational Development