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Insurance Management as a new Bachelor’s program – Questions & Answers

June 30, 2023

The insurance industry is urgently seeking employees to fill the gaps left by the baby boomer retirement wave. With this comes the chance for fundamental innovations and well-paid jobs in this exciting work environment. Starting in the fall of 2023, the Vienna Management Academy by FHWien der WKW will offer a brand new academic education for exactly these requirements. Any questions?

The industry surrounding insurance management is currently undergoing change. You can read about the effects of this and why this represents a great opportunity for all students of the part-time continuing education program BA (CE) Insurance Management in another article. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about the new university course for you here.

What are the requirements for applying to this bachelor’s program?

Admission requirements are a general university entrance qualification AND at least two years of relevant professional experience.

Who is this continuing education program for?

The part-time course of study is particularly suitable for insurance employees from a wide range of specialist areas, experienced insurance brokers and self-employed insurance professionals who wish to acquire the necessary practical knowledge and academic title for the next step in their career, for example a management position.

What are the main areas of study?

In addition to the legal and business management specializations in the insurance industry, the main focus is on “responsible corporate governance” and “sustainability” in all forms – from ecological to social to sustainable finance. In addition, the program also covers all relevant content on insurance distribution, personal insurance, product governance, liability insurance, and much more.

Another focus is the practical project in the sixth semester, where students work on a real assignment from partner companies.

Why do you need an academic education in insurance management?

The program offers a specialized academic title that is precisely tailored to the insurance industry. This training is designed to quickly and successfully occupy a higher position with a management function.

What are the advantages of studying?

On the one hand, an academic title increases the chance of advancement in the company hierarchy and is often even a prerequisite for higher positions. On the other hand, this study program also provides the opportunity for an exchange on an academic level about the specific field of expertise. The joint discourse of up to 32 people with relevant experience and critical approaches promotes the kind of personal development that should go hand in hand with an academic education.

What are the major plus points of this bachelor’s program at FHWien der WKW?

These are above all the lecturers, who come from the industry and bring years of experience at the highest level in their fields. Related to this is the network of experts, both among the lecturers and the fellow students. In addition, the technical and legal depth at an academic level distinguishes us from many other training programs in the insurance sector.

Can I get credit for content or modules based on my work experience?

Yes, there is the possibility of crediting some modules based on relevant work experience – for example, on legal and insurance-specific basics (to the extent of up to 60 ECTS). This reduces the amount of time spent on all semesters, which improves the already good compatibility of studies with work and private life.

Where can you get information?

Here you can find all information about the bachelor program BA (CE) Insurance Management.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Katharina Rotter, Head of Program, at 0800 40 00 77-07 or at