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“HR Management at Ärzte ohne Grenzen” with Isabelle Weisswasser-Jorrot

April 8, 2019

What does it mean to be responsible for personnel at Ärzte ohne Grenzen? Our students from the Bachelor’s program in Human Resources Management found out first-hand at an exciting guest lecture held by HR Director Isabelle Weisswasser-Jorrot.

“What do you think are the differences in Human Resources between profit and non-profit organizations?” was one of Isabelle Weisswasser-Jorrot’s stimulating questions at the beginning of an evening with deep insights into the world of being a human resources manager at Ärzte ohne Grenzen. The fact that the intrinsic motivation must be very high in everyday professional life quickly became clear to all of us who were present. Ms. Weisswasser-Jorrot told us in detail how her team manages to recruit, develop and motivate emergency personnel for crisis areas.

If there is an emergency, we have to act quickly. But how do we make personnel available in the shortest possible time? What needs to be considered to ensure the safety of your own people? How do you ensure smooth cooperation with people from different countries and cultures? An intensive training program, for which she is also responsible, supports the emergency forces before and during the respective projects. Personal experience in relief operations, which Ms. Weisswasser-Jorrot herself has, but also most others in her team have, is essential, and helps in understanding the most diverse situations.

“Multi-loyalties” were also discussed and the challenges that the HR manager sometimes faces in her various national and international Tasks.


Mag. Brigitte Hampel
Academic Coordinator Human Resources Management / Organizational Development