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Getting a taste for it

June 13, 2022

In the 6th semester of our Bachelor’s program, the elective “Gastronomy and Culinary Management” is all about aesthetics and appealing to the senses. In particular, taste, enjoyment, sensory perception and design are addressed in this context.

Food Pairing Workshop: StudentIn Theresa Lackner & Thomas Filipovic, Vorbereitung vegane Würstchen
Food Pairing Workshop: Students Theresa Lackner & Thomas Filipovic, preparing vegan sausages, © TMBA6 students elective Gastro and Culinary Management, 2022
Food Pairing Workshop: Produkte für Verkostung
Food Pairing Workshop: products for tasting, © TMBA6 students elective Gastronomy and Culinary Management, 2022.
Food Pairing Workshop Verkostung: v.l.n.r. Studierende TMBA6 Vertiefung „Gastro- und Kulinarikmanagement“
Food Pairing Workshop tasting: f.l.t.r. Students TMBA6 elective "Gastronomy and Culinary Management"; © Elisabeth Buchinger, 2022
Abschlusspräsentation Kirschen-Genussquelle Breitenbrunn: v. l.n.r. Studierende TMBA6 Vertiefung Gastro- und Kulinarikmanagement“
Final presentation cherry enjoyment source Breitenbrunn: f.l.t.r. Students TMBA6 elective "Gastronomy and Culinary Management" © Elisabeth Buchinger, 2022
Kirscherlebnisführung Kirschen-Genussquelle: vorne: Andrea Strohmayer, Kirschen-Genussquelle, hinten: TMBA6 Studierende Vertiefung „Gastro- und Kulinarikmanagement"
Cherry experience tour Kirschen-Genussquelle: front: Andrea Strohmayer, Kirschen-Genussquelle, back: TMBA6 students elective "Gastronomy and Culinary Management”, © Elisabeth Buchinger, 2022
Verkostung Kirschenmarmeladen, Kirschen-Genussquelle: v.l.n.r. Studierende TMBA6 Vertiefung Gastro- und Kulinarikmanagement“
Cherry jam tasting, Kirschen-Genussquelle: f.l.t.r. TMBA6 students elective "Gastronomy and Culinary Management", lecturer Elisabeth Buchinger, © Andrea Strohmayer, 2022

Lecturer Elisabeth Buchinger, CEO Sensorikum – Best of taste, familiarized the students with the basics of sensory analysis and individual enjoyment, product evaluation and sensory market research. In a food pairing workshop, the students then tested food combinations themselves – which at first glance seemed unusual – and discussed the application of food pairing in gastronomy and product development. A big thank you in this context to Maiko Janke, Account Manager of ISS Austria and responsible manager of the taste’njoy restaurant on our campus, as well as to the entire taste’n joy kitchen team. They supported our students with the preparations for the Food Pairing Workshop in a committed, free and very flexible way.

Karin Lobner, CEO Gefühlsküche, analyzed together with the students the central question “Who is the guest” as well as the psyche of the guest. With Martin Hablesreiter from the Austrian artist duo Honey and Bunnyatelier for art / design and architecture, the students dealt with the artistic aspects of food design, while Bernhard Hiehs, Derenko GmbH, taught them the importance of interior design and overall gastronomic concepts. With food blogger & food photographer Eva Fischer,, the students worked on do’s & don’t’s of food staging on social media.

The presentation of the final projects (product evaluation and sensory description) took place during an excursion to the Kirschen Genuss-Quelle in Breitenbrunn on Lake Neusiedl, after an informative guided tour through the cherry orchards and a tasting of various cherry jams.