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FNMA Magazine „Plötzlich online“

June 10, 2020

Due to the coronavirus, on March 10, 2020 all courses at FHWien der WKW were switched to distance learning. In the special edition of the FNMA magazine (Forum Neue Medien in der Lehre Austria) “Plötzlich online“ (‘Suddenly online‘) FHWien der WKW is now represented with an interesting article about distance learning.

Uta Rußmann and Ilona Pezenka, Senior Researchers at FHWien der WKW, as well as Tobias Schwarzbauer, Head of Competence Center for E-Learning, and Jana Bernhard, Teaching and Research Associate in the City of Vienna Competence Team for the Digitalization of Communication Professions, have jointly published the interesting article “100 % Distance Learning from one day to the next – a survey among students at FHWien der WKW in April 2020”.

In the article they present the results of a student survey that was conducted at FHWien der WKW from April 8-22, 2020. Out of 2,834 students, 510 students (18 %) took part in the survey and completed the questionnaire in full.

The result:

  • Synchronous teaching units perform slightly better (53.5 %) than asynchronous teaching units (45.7 %). If teaching takes place synchronously, the students surveyed prefer units of 90 minutes (31%) or 60 minutes (21.4 %).
  • Only one third (32.5 %) of the students would like to see distance learning replacing traditional classroom teaching more often in the future.
  • 62.1 % of the respondents agreed with the statement that they would have learned more if the topics and tasks dealt with in distance learning had been dealt with in face-to-face sessions. 21.4 % of the students agreed with this statement at least in part.
  • Only 8.2 % of the students surveyed “fully agree” with the statement “by using 100% distance learning I deal with the content more intensively” (5-Likert scale) and a further 14.1 % “rather agree”. 17.3 % of the students did not agree with the statement at all, and a further 31.4 % of those surveyed answered “rather disagree”.

You can read the entire article (pp. 38-41) online here. (Only available in German)