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Female friends’ holiday experiences in heterotopia

January 13, 2023

Dr Xavier Matteucci, Academic Expert & Lecturer at the Tourism & Hospitality Management Study programs, published a new scientific article that explores the relationship between holiday spaces and the impact they have on females’ experiences.

Satellite image with an arrow to the River Lodges on Ada Bojana
River Lodges on Ada Bojana

Drawing from narrative interviews, and informed by the Foucauldian concept of heterotopia, Xavier Matteucci explores the tourism experiences of female friends on the island of Ada Bojana, Montenegro.

His findings reveal that the island’s environment facilitates release from the pressures of everyday life through playful and transgressive practices. Also, the intimate socialities of some holiday spaces are conducive to empowerment, self-transformation and bonding with significant others. It is argued that heterotopias possess the agency to foster positive change in the individuals who dwell in them.

Read the full article here.