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“Don’t be afraid of the personnel department” – trust is key

October 8, 2020

Julia Bach-Kofranek gave us lots of insights into the everyday work in human resources management in the course of a guest lecture for the Human Resources Management Fundamentals course.

Guest lecture with Julia Bach-Kofranek, Personalistin at Wein & Co
Guest lecture with Julia Bach-Kofranek, Personalistin at Wein & Co

The importance of trust and open and regular communication with employees in their everyday work was explained to us in an exciting guest lecture by Julia Bach-Kofranek, from the personnel department at Wein & Co.

“You often feel anxious when you are sent to the HR department,” reports Ms. Bach-Kofranek and goes on to explain how much importance she attaches to a basis of trust in which all employees know that they can turn to her. A lot of advice was needed, especially in the first few months of Corona. “Good self-organization is very important,” she tells us.

Our students followed our guest speaker with great interest and asked many good questions. We were particularly pleased that we were able to hold the event on campus. After the first lectures, which took place online, this was a nice change.

Thanks to the guest lecture, the fields of action of personnel management could now be supplemented with practical examples. This was a good addition after the theoretical discussion.

Mag.a Brigitte Hampel
Academic Coordinator Human Resources Management