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Digital transformation as a career springboard

August 16, 2023

With the Bachelor’s program in Digital Business you will become a sought-after specialist for the digital transformation – even without previous IT knowledge.

by Sebastian Eschenbach

Are you genuinely interested in helping to shape the digital transformation, but math and technology weren’t really your thing? No problem, because with Digital Business Bachelor at FHWien der WKW we start from ZERO in all technical as well as business subjects.

We don’t start with “gray theory” at FHWien der WKW. That is necessary, but not as abstract basics. Rather, we pursue an application-oriented approach – which is directly concerned with solving concrete problems and challenges. This is also in line with our slogan “Study real business!”. All you need to bring to the table is commitment and a love of learning. And soon you will be actively shaping the digital transformation as a professional in several subjects.

Why study Digital Business now?

The shortage of professionals with technology skills does not exclusively affect the hardcore computer scientists, but also the “mediators” between the programming and the business departments (and some other departments) in companies. With this degree program you become an expert with a semi-tech education, even if you do not come from this field before.

Thus, this degree is immediately useful for your career! And the career usually already starts during the study, because the demand for prospective and future experts in the field of digitalization is enormous. In fact, the first career contacts often happen in the third or fourth semester, i.e. in the middle of the course. This motivates students enormously to finish their studies, and after the bachelor’s thesis – the 30 pages should no longer be a huge hurdle – it’s straight into the new job.

What career opportunities are opening up?

  1. IT and digitalization consulting – this can be consulting in a large company or external consulting; i.e., process consulting, digitalization consulting, digital transformation consulting
  2. Customer interface – for example in tech companies and start-ups, but not as a developer, but as a contact to customers, in technical sales and customer support
  3. IT management, IT project management, product ownership
  4. Process management and design – by graduates who are already well established in their field and in their respective industries and then implement the targeted digitalization projects

What is special about the jobs associated with this education?

The Bachelor’s program in Digital Business is very broad in scope. Graduates master the necessary cross-sectional material to be able to communicate with professionals from all different levels. They understand the technology developers just as well as the business specialists, but also the marketing colleagues.

The future job description is akin to a translator who is top competent in all areas and communicates comprehensively. These jobs are never lone wolf jobs, but require a particularly good ability to work in teams. This competence also flows particularly strongly into the teaching methodology at FHWien der WKW.

More about the teaching and method of the study program can be found under this blog post.

Information about the course & the author

All information about the Digital Business study program can be found online on our website.

Sebastian Eschenbach is head of the Digital Economy Department at FHWien der WKW, which offers the part-time Bachelor’s program in Digital Business.

Sebastian Eschenbach is also co-author of the study “Fit for the Future? How companies can master the digital transformation”, which was presented by the Institute for Digital Transformation & Strategy (IDS) of FHWien der WKW at the beginning of June.