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Digital Economy Study Programs

Digitalisation presents companies with new challenges. Qualified experts are needed to meet them. They work at the interface between digital technologies and economy and have first-class communication skills.

The new part-time Bachelor Degree Program Digital Business offers students a practically relevant education and excellent career opportunities in this field in the future. Top lecturers with a background in business teach practice-oriented digital and business skills. Graduates have the following career options open

  • IT or Digitalization Consulting
  • Process management
  • Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, sales and customer care in tech companies or tech start-ups
  • IT management, IT project management, product ownership

Our study programs

Learn more about BA Digital Business

BA Digital Business

The Bachelor's program in Digital Business combines cutting-edge digital technologies, AI skills and in-depth business knowledge to give you a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation. New specialization option "AI for Business".

Learn more about MA Digital Technology & Innovation*

MA Digital Technology & Innovation*

The Master's program in Digital Technology & Innovation (subject to accreditation by AQ Austria) combines skills from the areas of "digital technology" and "innovation".

Learn more about MA Digital Innovation*

MA Digital Innovation*

The Master’s program in Digital Innovation (*subject to accreditation by AQ Austria) qualifies students to assume leadership roles in the creation of new products, services and business processes using the latest digital technologies.

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FH-Prof. Dr. Dr. Sebastian Eschenbach

FH-Prof. Dr. Dr. Sebastian Eschenbach

Head of Department
Department of Digital Economy

Deputy Chair of the Academic Board

Walter Mayrhofer

FH-Prof. Dr. Walter Mayrhofer

Head of Research

Head of Institute for Digital Transformation and Strategy

Stefan Nafra

Stefan Nafra, MSc (WU)

Head of Bachelor’s Program Digital Business
Josef Frysak

Dr. Josef Frysak

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Digital Economy

Tilia Stingl de Vasconcelos Cuedes

Mag.a Tilia Stingl de Vasconcelos Guedes

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Digital Economy

Elka Xharo

DIin Elka Xharo, BSc

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Information Technology

Isabel Rodenas

Isabel Rodenas

Research Assistant