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Different generations – different expectations

November 15, 2022

What expectations do people of different generations have of the working world? And what skills do managers need to deal with the different generations? A guest lecture with HR expert Dr. Ranya Nehmeh provides insights.

Gastvortrag HR-Expertin Dr. Ranya Nehmeh
Guest lecture with Ranya Nehmeh

Many companies complain that it is increasingly difficult to retain employees in the long term. Generation Z in particular has a reputation for changing employers more often than the generations before. One of the reasons often cited is that expectations were not met.

In an interesting online lecture, our Master students of the 1st semester Organizational & Human Resources Development were allowed to follow the explanations of Dr. Ranya Nehmeh, HR expert and author of the book “The Chameleon Leader” and ask her questions.

Dr. Nehmeh gave an overview of the different leadership styles and illustrated them with well-known examples. She explained the characteristics of the generations and how their expectations have changed over time.

Finally, she showed us selected results of her study from her book. There are opportunities not only for leaders, but also for HR professionals to make a positive impact. Among other things, students discussed the importance of already talking about expectations in job interviews.

Many thanks to Dr. Ranya Nehmeh for the informative and important insights and tips!


Mag.a Brigitte Hampel
Academic Expert & Lecturer