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Better career chances with an “International MBA in Management & Communications“

September 1, 2022

3 semesters in 5 minutes: How FHWien der WKW’s continuing education program helps you take the next big career step. A Q&A guide.

The next career step for (future) managers is closer than you think. The academic continuing education programs at the Vienna Management Academy by FHWien der WKW are specifically designed to meet the needs of working professionals and benefit those on the rise.

Manfred Schieber, Head of Management & Entrepreneurship Study Programs at FHWien der WKW, provides insights into the content and benefits of the International MBA in Management & Communications at the Vienna Management Academy by FHWien der WKW.

What distinguishes the International MBA in Management & Communications of the Vienna Management Academy from other programs?

  • The International MBA in Management & Communications combines the core competencies of FHWien der WKW: Management and Communications.
  • The practice-oriented program combines these two main topics and prepares future managers in particular for strategic action and the corresponding communication to their stakeholders.
  • The part-time MBA program subsumes these two essential topics briefly and compactly in three semesters.

I want to attend an academic continuing education program – is the International MBA the right choice for me?

The International MBA in Management & Communications is the right choice if …

  1. you are already a manager in a certain industry with a technical specialization, but you lack the special management and communication skills – primarily because you do not come from the classic business administration, corporate management or management field.
  2. You would like to develop in the direction of a manager in the future.

Why study at FHWien der WKW?

FHWien der WKW is the leading university of applied sciences for management and communications. The succus from these two core topics – which is, what managers really need on a meta-level – is taught in the International MBA in Management & Communications. Here one is definitely and effectively prepared for leadership tasks!

Existing managers will also find important building blocks for possible further career steps in this part-time MBA program, especially if skills from either one (the management) or the other (the communications area) are lacking. And above all, it is about the connection, the interaction of these two subject areas.

Practical relevance is in the DNA of FHWien der WKW. Of course, the scientific approach also plays a role here, and findings from our own research are also incorporated into our teaching. However, this approach is not as pronounced as it is at universities.

What makes an MBA program at FHWien of WKW particularly interesting?

  • FHWien der WKW is intensively networked with the business community; this can be seen in the many cooperations with companies.
  • The practical approach is also reflected in the fact that across all programs, a good two-thirds of the lecturers are external; in the MBA, we rely exclusively on managers in leadership positions or entrepreneurs, who can ideally establish the practical relevance and contribute their experience to the teaching.
  • The cross-cutting themes of sustainable and responsible business, digitalization and internationalization permeate all of our study areas and continuing education programs. In this way, we prepare graduates for the challenges of the future in the best possible way.

What are the benefits of continuing education on a personal level?

  • Every continuing education program per se proves that you are ready and willing to continue learning.
  • It underlines the mindset of not wanting to stop where you are, but to continuously update your personal knowledge – in the spirit of “lifelong learning”.
  • The interdisciplinarity already mentioned opens up many perspectives – it allows us to “think outside the box”: It makes a big difference whether you sit in an MBA program with a bunch of business experts who all have the same understanding of concepts, or whether you discuss the relevant topics with technicians, lawyers or educators, and all broaden their horizons.
  • The graduates of our MBA program particularly appreciate the opportunity for exchange and the network they were able to build up during their studies.

What are the advantages of graduating with an MBA title on a professional level?

  • It’s the content that gets us ahead in the profession; but to reach that profession or certain positions in the first place, the labels – read: the titles – are also very important.
  • In companies, there is an expectation for certain positions that managers have completed an academic degree. Particularly in the recruitment process, it is often not possible to check specialist knowledge in depth during the application phase – the certificate from a university confirms the relevant knowledge here by means of a recognized degree and title.
  • The official title in the name or in the final document is therefore a written proof that one has completed this further education under academic supervision.

Do you want to learn more about the International MBA in Management & Communications? You can find all information here.