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At the U5 construction site

October 23, 2023

The students of the Real Estate Management Study Programs were at a place that is not accessible to many: the U5 construction site.

Buildings need infrastructure, of course. That’s why Carmen Dilch, Academic Expert & Lecturer, organized a visit to the U5 construction site at the Rathausplatz.

Together with his colleagues, overall program manager of the U5, Mr. Ing. Loreth, accompanied our students 25 meters underground into the underground tunnels. The size and complexity of the project was very impressive. The tour was extremely interesting and gave insights that you don’t get that often. There was also a lot of information about the development of the current subway construction. Many thanks for the really special guided tour!

Many thanks to Wiener Linien and Mr. Ing. Loreth, as well as to Carmen Dilch, who organized a total of three dates for our Real Estate Management students.

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