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A quick “hello” from Seoul: Semester abroad in COVID-19 times

April 24, 2020

Yvonne Bolhar-Nordenkampf, a student from the English Bachelor’s program Corporate Communication at FHWien der WKW, is spending her semester abroad in Seoul despite the COVID 19 crisis. She tells us about her impressions of South Korea.

Yvonne Bolhar-Nordenkampf, our student from the Bachelor’s program Corporate Communication (4th semester) sent us photos from Seoul, South Korea, where she is currently on her semester abroad. Ms Bolhar-Nordenkampf made the brave decision to go to South Korea just when the crisis was breaking and is very happy to have made that decision.

She told us:
“The situation seems to be under control, South Korea voted last week and Korean election advertising is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen: Political parties rented big empty buses that drove through the city with a megaphone on the roof that promoted the candidate… I think at this point, I should mention the volume… yes, it sounded like in a football stadium, you could hear the announcements MILES away! Anyway, I am busy with my courses here and my BA thesis concept deadline kept me busy, too. Most professors cancelled our midterm exams and asked us to hand in essays or other written work instead. I attached some pictures for you of what I was doing last week. I hope you’ll like them…”

We wish Ms Bolhar-Nordenkampf a pleasant stay and above all continued health!

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