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Requirements for Master’s Programs

MA Real Estate Management

Admissions will only be accepted from graduates, this means people with recognized academic Bachelor’s degrees and equivalent or higher degrees (i.e. Master, Diplom-Ingenieur).

Business administration and law degrees from a university of applied sciences or a university, including all Bachelor’s degrees and diplomas from FHWien der WKW.

  • People with a completed degree program and experience in real estate, who want to further improve their skills with a degree from a university of applied sciences.
  • Graduates from business administration or law programs, who have experience in real estate.

All other academic degrees (i.e. technical, natural sciences or humanities), as long as knowledge and understanding of business administration and real estate in the areas mentioned below can be proved. Proving that applicants have the required qualification level makes up part of the admissions procedure.

  • Business administration and economics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Fiscal law
  • Residence law (MRG & WEG)
  • General civil law
  • Basic construction techniques
  • Foreign language (English)
  • Social skills
  • Basic scientific skills