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Why should you study Sustainable Finance Management?

February 27, 2023

Looking for the next career move? The academic continuing education programs of the Vienna Management Academy by FHWien der WKW are designed to meet the needs of working professionals and the demands of individuals with specific career perspectives.

An interview with Heidrun Kopp, Head of Program

Dr. Heidrun Kopp, MA MBA, Head of Program Sustainable Finance Management, gives exciting insights into the new programs.

What is special about the Sustainable Finance Management continuing education programs?

The advantage is that you can choose one of the four tailor-made programs, depending on your own career objectives as well as your available time and financial resources. In addition, there is the possibility to upgrade easily to the next level, so that you can complete an MBA in three semesters.

The continuing education programs provide information on the current status of political, legal and regulatory developments, exactly when these are introduced or required for their implementation in companies. Course participants benefit from the latest developments and acquire the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

What are the key aspects of the program?

Among other things, the focus is on the practice-oriented teaching of current technical content on European and national requirements such as EU taxonomy, non-financial reporting, but also the supply chain issue or the significance of sustainability risks for the financial viability and insurability of companies. ESG measures must be considered and managed as a multidisciplinary field. This is a strategic challenge and at the same time requires extensive operational know-how.

Why start with your education right now?

Continuing education opens up new perspectives, closes gaps in knowledge and improves your own qualification profile. Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” The EU taxonomy makes sustainability measurable, and non-financial reporting makes it transparent. Climate and environmental protection requires not only good intentions, but concrete action, know-how and strategic management at all hierarchical levels. This opens up new perspectives and career opportunities in connection with necessary changes in favor of climate and environmental protection: with a double return, so to speak.

Who will particularly benefit from this continuing education program?

All those who are currently involved or will be in the future with the topic of sustainability, ESG, and sustainable finance at the operational and management level. New regulatory requirements are not only challenges for companies, but also open up numerous strategic opportunities that can be innovatively addressed and successfully managed with further education in sustainability, ESG, and Sustainable Finance Management.

To answer more questions about our Sustainable Finance Management programs, please contact our Head of Program Dr. Heidrun Kopp, MA MBA for a personal consultation at or +43 800 40 00 77-01.