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Where 1 + 1 makes more than 2: “Sustainability communication” is much more than communicating about sustainability!

November 10, 2022

Kirstie Riedl, Head of Program, on the benefits of the Master’s program in International Sustainability Communication.

Although sustainability has recently become very highly regarded and trendy in every respect, there is no other continuing education program in Austria that combines and unites sustainability and communication.

Sustainability topics are frequently entrusted to communication experts, who are frequently insufficiently competent in this complex area. Sustainability must be considered from multiple perspectives because it has an impact on many different parts of a business. A complete understanding is required, as a superficial approach can result in “greenwashing.”

To avoid this, it is necessary not only to understand sustainability in its entire range and depth, but also to live and communicate it! And that is what makes the unique benefit of this continuing education program: Combining these aspects and reinforcing each of them.

What exactly is the benefit?

What is special about this degree program is the linking of the two areas of sustainability and communication – and the holistic understanding that is developed in each area and, beyond that, for the big picture: 1 plus 1 here is more than 2; much more; it can even become infinite.

For us at FHWien der WKW, the goal is always to develop complete practical relevance that, on the one hand can be applied right away in the workplace and, on the other hand, is academically sound. The team of lecturers in this program is made up of well-known and recognized experts in their respective fields with proven practical experience.

Why is the continuing education program only offered in English?

Just like sustainability, the English language is practiced across all borders, especially in the business environment. Through English as a language of instruction, it is theoretically and practically possible to unite, connect and bring on board different points of view, global fields, global issues, international students and lecturers.

“Sustainability communication” in a nutshell

The graduates become experts in the field of sustainability as well as in that of communication! It takes people who approach the matter with enthusiasm to drive communication about and also for sustainability in their companies in an authentic and holistic way.

This comprehensive training in this unique and highly desirable combination is only available in Austria in this continuing education program at FHWien der WKW.

Competence creates enthusiasm … and vice versa

The program will inspire participants to become passionate about sustainable communication, which will help them both in terms of content and academic success. The persistent development of talents in these areas will also coincide with an immediate flow into practice, or the actual working environment.

As a result, the material will not feel like gray theory and tedious work, but will be a joy for students who feel an inner drive to change and who can establish themselves as changemakers!

Do you also want to become a changemaker and drive sustainability? You can find all information about the Master’s program in International Sustainability Communication here.