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When, if not now: “Sustainability Communication” as a continuing education program for a better world!

October 21, 2022

Kirstie Riedl, Head of Program, explains the Master’s program in International Sustainability Communication in a nutshell: 4 semesters in 1 minute.

Time is running out! The world urgently needs experts who on the one hand deeply understand sustainability and on the other hand can communicate in a professional way.

Our Master’s program in International Sustainability Communication prepares aspirational academics to become changemakers who can communicate not only about sustainability but also for sustainability in organizations in just four semesters.

The graduates will approach this with the same zeal and conviction they gain from their training throughout the course of the individual semesters. Specifically, when they can apply what they have learnt right away in their work. The hybrid approach allows students to balance their studies and careers while preparing for the urgently needed sustainability change in many enterprises.

Graduates will then possess not only the multidisciplinary skills to identify complex contexts and challenges, but also the practical tools to develop and communicate sustainable solutions; even in the face of opposition from different directions.

This is what we mean by “Study Real Business.”

Do you wish to advance your career and effectively communicate sustainability-related issues? All information about the Master’s program in International Sustainability Communication is available here.