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Why you shouldn’t use your favorite car brand as a password

January 28, 2021

On  January 27, almost 60 guests gathered in the Zoom meeting room to learn more about passwords and cyber security from hacker, entrepreneur and tech blogger Martin Haunschmid.

The talk was startling – right at the beginning, the speaker showed the ways hackers use to get at companies’ data. Too small to be interesting for attackers? No obvious enemies? These are myths that companies are only too happy to believe. Haunschmid made it clear that even the small bakery around the corner is not safe from hacker attacks.

By demonstrating how quickly and easily passwords can be cracked, Haunschmid made it impressively clear how important it is to take care of them and keep them safe. According to the expert, passwords offer an exciting insight into human psychology. For example, one could easily deduce a possible password from a published photo of a car on a social media platform.

Before the Q&A session, during which the participants asked many questions, Haunschmid gave best practices on how to better protect oneself from hackers. Because even the bad guys like to take the path of least resistance and give up the quicker the more difficult it is to crack a password.

The conclusion of the evening: Even with a few simple measures, you can increase your own basic security and greatly reduce the chance of becoming a victim.