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Understanding and naming burning issues is your thing? Then “International Sustainability Communication” has to be your next move.

February 2, 2023

Kirstie Riedl, Head of Program, about mastering tricky challenges as the content of the Master’s program in International Sustainability Communication.

The central topics for sustainability communication are compiled in such a way that students develop an understanding of the complex contexts around sustainability. It is extremely important to understand the multidisciplinary approach that makes up this continuing education program: On the one hand, the most important competencies in communication management at Master’s level. And on the other hand, a comprehensive understanding of economic contexts against the backdrop of sustainability. And then, of course, it is always about the professional interaction between these two aspects of sustainability and communication!

Wicked Problems – It’s down to the wire

Sustainability issues, when viewed as a whole, often result in a particular challenge and which often said to have no possible solution – but which affect almost all aspects of our society. Our multidisciplinary approach enables us to find the connections in this mix of management, ecology, politics, society, etc. – because sustainability problems do not fall into this or that pigeonhole. Only in the overall view there might be solutions!

For this purpose, we use sophisticated, multidisciplinary tools, which were created by sustainability experts, in order to be able to transfer complex constellations into practice and practical solutions.

Methods & Strategies for “Stakeholder Mobilization”

Big changes – for example, towards sustainability – often face a lot of resistance or problems. This is precisely why students are trained and strengthened in not only communicating about sustainability, but also in advocating for sustainability and making a strong case for it.

Here, an insight into stakeholder management is vital in order to understand very deeply, who is involved, how and in what way. Only then can you recognize and understand any resistance and be in a position to find solutions. And with the right communication skills, graduates will be able to overcome resistance and convince the relevant people and stakeholders.

Our second semester module “Stakeholder Management and Behavioral Insights” combines these building blocks for an overarching understanding of the challenges. Stakeholder “hidden agendas” are identified and academic skills can be used to find solutions to these problems by getting the people and stakeholders on board – sometimes referred to as “nudging skills“.

Here, the instructors bring in different case studies, methods and scientific knowledge that are also linked to real problems of organizations. So the tools are applied very concretely in real life projects and business field projects.

This is what we understand by “Studying Real Business” at the leading University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication!

Interested in the part-time Master’s program in International Sustainability Communication? Here you can find all information.