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Trial seminar „Content Prototyping“

February 25, 2022

In January and February 2022, the trial seminar “Content Prototyping” took place as part of the MSc Digital Communication & Marketing continuing education program.

During the trial seminar by the MSc Digital Communication & Marketing continuing education program, the participants immersed themselves into the world of digital marketing and developed a digital content prototype together with lector Dominik Berger. The semninar was set up in a workshop atmosphere and followed the approach of lean content marketing in which the participants learned all the necessary tools and skills.

Equipped with this basis information, the participants were then able to develop an idea for their own content product in small groups and subject it to a prototyping and validation process. At the end, there was a course certificate and a competition in which the individual groups competed against each other.

Impressed by the great results, we congratulate all participants of the trial seminar on their certificate!

About the speaker: Dominik Berger has been working in the field of digital marketing for over 12 years and leads the Growth & Digital Marketing program at Talent Garden Vienna as Scientific Coordinator. He and his colleagues at Attention Fox support start-ups and companies in digital marketing.