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The “International MBA” NEW – comprehensive, groundbreaking, radically renewed!

April 25, 2023

The requirements for management education have changed considerably. Therefore, our continuing education program International MBA in Management & Communications gets a fundamentally new approach! The Vienna Management Academy by FHWien der WKW responds to the current challenges with many exciting benefits for students.

At FHWien der WKW, we are always updating our degree programs and continuing education programs by adapting our content and approaches. More comprehensive adjustments are made every five years or so. But the changes we are making to the International MBA in Management & Communications starting in the winter semester 2023/24 are so fundamental and comprehensive that they can certainly be called “radical”.

Individual business case & personal benefit

Students define their individual business case at the start of the program. This can be their own current situation they have in their company or a constellation they aspire to. Or perhaps even circumstances in another company where they would like to go to work in a particular function. The program can and should then concretely help them to achieve this goal by working through the individual modules on this case. The performance review at the end of a module then consists of the practical application of the contents learned on the individual case.

This individualization distinguishes us strongly from other MBA programs. It gives students that special advantage that they can directly apply the topics they deal with in the modules to their own case!

In-depth knowledge & practice-oriented specialization

The completely new orientation of the International MBA in Management & Communications combines good old elements with radically new approaches: It is a combination of the fact that on the one hand, we provide the content focus and the theoretical foundation with which the students acquire their know-how, but on the other hand, we individualize these topics to such an extent that they work on their own business cases throughout the entire program.

The great advantage for the students is that they can link the general knowledge that we have in-house with our two core competencies of management and communication with current topics – from sustainability to digital transformation. And what’s more, all these topics are directly applied in the individual business cases.

We combine general expertise + specialization + individualization + responsible leadership for students into comprehensive management competence!

Attendance & student diversity

Starting in the winter semester of 2023/24, there will also be significant changes to the attendance requirements in the modules of the International MBA in Management & Communications. Students will come to the university of applied sciences only twice a semester for a three-day attendance block. And in between, there will be online sessions at 14-day intervals.

With this, we want to push the the internationalization of the program. All students from abroad or from the more distant federal states only have to travel to Vienna twice a semester for a few days and can participate in the online lectures in between. The attendance phases are to be used in particular to discuss topics among themselves and also serve to expand and consolidate personal networks.

English as the language of instruction & international lecturers

To increase our international approach, we are changing the language of instruction and materials to English as a matter of principle. This also opens up the possibility for us to bring more international lecturers into the program.

The students acquire the basic theoretical framework under appropriate guidance outside of the courses. They are provided with adequate material for this purpose.

However, the students have the possibility to complete their exams as well as their master thesis in German. The prerequisite is, of course, that lecturers of the relevant modules are also proficient in German.

Content innovations & responsible management

In addition to the very striking changes listed – from individualization and the new attendance regulations to increased international access through English as the language of instruction – we have also revised the content of the program and adapted it to the challenges and issues of the future: For example, the topics of “responsible business” and “sustainability” in particular are coming into even sharper focus.

Module abroad & “Harvard Business School” strategy model

The so-called “Microeconomics of Competitivenessmodule of the Harvard Business School is implemented in our Master’s programs, where the focus is on strategy and competitiveness of companies. Students can also incorporate this module specifically into their individual cases in order to then develop appropriate solutions for their personal situation. Another highlight is the two-week module abroad at an international business school.

Career prospects with the MBA degree

Students acquire competencies that enable them to take on leadership tasks – from basic management and communication skills to leadership. Through individualization, students are tested in dealing with concrete cases and specific tasks. Our MBA graduates are ultimately qualified to take on leadership tasks at top management level!

All information about the International MBA in Management & Communications can be found here.

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