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Recognizing potential and using it profitably – that was the Business Insight by Hernstein

January 24, 2024

“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself ist true wisdom.”

Lao Tse’s quote was also the motto for the Business Insight event hosted by FHWien der WKW together with its subsidiary, the Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership, on January 23.

Speaker and Hernstein trainer Bernhard Dworak introduced the participants to the world of personnel diagnostics – which doesn’t sound very exciting at first, Dworak openly admits. But a look behind the terminology reveals interesting things. How are personality analysis tools used and how do they actually work? How much of your own personality can you actually control and how much do you have to take for granted? And to what extent do your own personality traits influence the way you work?

The Business Insight speaker got to the bottom of these and other questions. However, the audience not only benefited from the knowledge of the experienced trainer. With exclusive access to the OPTO personality analysis, an offer from the Hernstein Institute, they can now explore their own personalities, get to know their strengths and weaknesses better and use this knowledge to their advantage.