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Sustainable Finance Management – Top of the future

May 3, 2023

4 modules, over a period of 3 weeks to 3 semesters, explained in 5 minutes, or: How “Green Finance” is evolving from a sustainability alibi to an effective lever in the EU. A Q&A guide.

With the EU Action Plan and subsequently the EU Green Deal, finance has a major, perhaps the greatest, role to play in the shift towards a more sustainable economy. Now it is time for many companies – and especially for the future experts in this field – to build up the necessary knowledge.

The next career leap could begin with one of the specific continuing education programs offered by the Vienna Management Academy by FHWien der WKW. Because these are precisely geared to the needs of working professionals and the aspirations of up-and-comers.

Dr. Heidrun Kopp, Head of Program Sustainable Finance Management and expert for sustainability, ESG and sustainable finance, answers the most important questions about the programs.

What are the benefits of the Sustainable Finance Management continuing education program?

When we first offered this training in 2022, we were still the only ones in this field. In the meantime, the educational offering on the topic of ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance – and Sustainable Finance is very extensive. It is difficult for interested parties to maintain an overview or to make the right choice. We at FHWien der WKW also deal with this topic from an academic perspective – that is our advantage. In any case, with our University of Applied Sciences background, we guarantee a high standard of quality; this is also reflected in our lecturers, who are all experts from the field. Depending on the program, graduates graduate with a university certificate or are entitled to use the academic title MBA – awarded by Austria’s leading University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication.

What makes this program at FHWien der WKW so special?

  • Our four-part, modular offering has the particular advantage that one of our programs fits perfectly according to the respective function, or also with regard to what is in store for the company in the future in terms of ESG and sustainable finance. (See also below.)
  • The continuing education programs prepare interested parties to help shape the shift toward an environmentally and socially sustainable economy.
  • In addition to comprehensive expertise, the programs provide the skills to transform the particular organization in which one works towards ESG and Sustainable Finance Management.
  • Participants learn about the tools for transitioning to a sustainable business model and how new strategy concepts are developed and implemented.
  • Graduates with the acquired competencies are able to make a significant contribution to the operational and strategic development in organizations under the aspect of sustainability.

How does the modular structure of this university course work?

With the Compact Seminar: ESG & Sustainable Finance (Executive Program) one receives a compact, profound introduction to the topic in six days or 3 weeks. Afterwards, one can already understand the complex interrelationships and become professionally active in this area. In any case, it is also a target-oriented basis for decision-making for the further formats. For example, for the Certified Program, which provides a corresponding deepening of the subject matter over 18 days or 3 months. After a practice-oriented content examination over 2 semesters, one graduates as an Academic ESG Expert in Sustainable Finance Management and after a study duration of 3 semesters and a relevant Master’s thesis, one receives the recognized academic degree MBA in Sustainable Finance Management.

A big advantage is that, thanks to the modular structure, you don’t have to commit yourself right at the start, but can also just take a look at the subject. The individual completed programs or modules are credited accordingly.

Why is now a good time to attend the program?

On the one hand, with the “EU Action Plan” (2018) and the subsequent “Green Deal” of the EU (2019), there are striking changes in disclosure, reporting and transparency for certain companies. ESG experts are needed here, especially in the area of non-financial reporting.

Read more about this in the article “Money makes the world go green!

On the other hand, more and more companies are perceiving “sustainability” as a strategic issue. And for this, well-founded knowledge is needed in order to be able to really assess the potential effects and challenges that the topic of “sustainability” brings for a company or an area!

If a company really wants to train its employees and not run ESG as a fig leaf, then it needs a basic knowledge that goes beyond a two-day “quick boiling course” and a four-page factsheet!

In order to be able to make a truly well-founded assessment of ESG – whether as an employee, a manager, or a member of a supervisory board – you need a deep insight into the DNA of this concept and its implications. In other words: it needs well-founded background information!

The various programs and modules offer the opportunity to qualify for higher tasks and functions in the company with appropriate ESG training. At the same time, they lay the foundations for fact-based discussions with superiors, stakeholders, the media and, last but not least, with friends or committed teenagers at the dinner table in the evening – keyword “Last Generation”.

To answer your questions about our continuing education programs in Sustainable Finance Management, please contact our Head of Program Dr. Heidrun Kopp for a personal consultation via telephone at 0800 40 00 77-01 or via e-mail.