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Pushing Climate Neutrality in Businesses: Interview with Prof. Jonatan Pinkse

March 29, 2022
Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Business activity is a major source of global carbon emissions. But how can we push businesses to deliver on the climate neutral (net-zero) agenda when their bottom line is at stake? That is what we asked Prof. Jonatan Pinkse in an interview with radio station Radio Radieschen.

Last Thursday we had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Jonatan Pinkse, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, as a lecturer in our series Responsible Management Lectures to talk about “How Can We Drive Businesses to Deliver on Net Zero?”. Additionally, Prof. Pinkse sat down with Carolin Schmid from radio station Radio Radieschen 91.3 to talk about businesses and their efforts to deliver net zero. Prof. Pinkse explains what is meant by “net zero” and under which circumstances companies are reducing or compensating their greenhouse emissions. Furthermore, he gives an insight into the role of business in developing adequate responses to the climate crisis and the policy changes needed to support the business community in this transition.


Listen to the full interview here.