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This was the Online Green Lecture “The practical implementation of the circular economy in industry and commerce”

June 20, 2023

In the Green Lectures, our online lunch format, we dealt with the topic “Practical implementation of the circular economy in industry & commerce” in June. We were particularly pleased that we were able to win over a proven expert and pioneer in the field of circular economy this time as well: Mr. Reinhard Backhausen. He is a member of the board of the platform for circular economy (“Circular economy forum Austria”), and in his function as a shareholder of “Backhausen interior textiles” has already converted the company to “cradle-to-cradle” in the period 2008-2012, and was thus one of the pioneers for the circular economy in Austria.

The comprehensive presentation covered a wide range from “linear economy” to “circular economy”.  The topic was examined from the legal requirements to the objectives to the numerous eco-labels, including suggestions for pragmatic further development so as not to expose oneself to the accusation of greenwashing.

Important findings included the fact that

  • the respective eco-labels are awarded for products and not for companies,
  • Austria is in the midfield in the implementation of the circular economy in Europe,
  • the textile industry is the #4 waste producer, and that a significant rethinking is required on the part of manufacturers, especially when materials are purchased in Asia (=> keyword: supply chain law),
  • the more “sort-pure” production is, the easier it is to recycle,
  • and much more …

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With the Green Lectures, we would like to give you “sneak peaks” to the content we cover in our modular continuing education courses on ESG & Sustainable Finance.

We offer a customized, part-time program – depending on function, position and career ambition, from an orientation seminar in 6 days, to 1- and 2-semester courses, to a 3-semester MBA in Sustainable Finance Management.

It is important to note that the term “sustainable finance” is a technical term that encompasses all the necessities of implementing sustainability or, more specifically, ESG – i.e., environment/social and governance – and not just the narrower sense of financing.

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Take a look at the video recording of the online green lecture here.