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NOW is the time to start making changes

October 29, 2020

TM alumnus Richard Bauer took a look at tourism after Covid-19 at the Alumni Talk.

More than 40 interested listeners gathered in the Zoom meeting room on 28 October 2020 for the Alumni Talk to take a look at the future of the tourism industry together with alumnus Richard Bauer.

The expert and self-employed marketing and tourism consultant discussed what tourism can look like after Covid-19 and pleaded for using this challenging time to tackle change.

“You have to come up with a plan B during the crisis, because there won’t be time for it after the crisis. NOW is the time to make adaptation strategies,” said the author.

In the Alumni Talk, the participants learned which factors will become less important for the industry in the future and which will become more important. The focus is on the guests of tomorrow – you have to learn to understand them in order to create attractive travel experiences. Using best practices from Austria and Europe, Richard Bauer showed how hotels and companies have already taken advantage of the situation to drive change.

There were also tips and advice for the participants on which skills will be crucial for the tourism employees of the future.

After the exciting lecture, the guests took the opportunity to exchange views with the graduate on this red-hot topic.


Richard Bauer



About Richard Bauer
Richard Bauer is an expert and self-employed consultant for marketing and tourism, author of the books “Tourismus nach Covid-19” and “Fachkräfte finden und binden” (Tourism according to Covid-19 and “Finding and retaining skilled workers”) published by LINDE Verlag, a sworn and court-certified expert and lecturer at several Austrian universities.