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Meet-up with researchers at the ICLHE symposium in Vienna

November 17, 2023

Never stop learning! Xiao Ming Zhu and Catherine Prewett-Schrempf of the Competence Center for Business English recently spent two highly engaging days at the ICLHE Symposium hosted by the University of Vienna.

The symposium of the association for “Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education” was held under the motto “Taking Stock and Looking Forward”. Catherine Prewett-Schrempf tells us:

“It’s always enriching and very meaningful for us practitioners to learn from and network with leading researchers in the field.”

The Competence Center for Business English is soon to launch ICLHE modules at FHWien der WKW. As a supplement to regular ESP courses, this unique setting intertwines content and language learning. And the research clearly shows that students benefit from explicit language instruction while furthering their program-specific content knowledge and skills through English as the medium of instruction.