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MBA – Dive Into: Legal basics for executives

December 12, 2019

In the new series “Dive into” our lecturers briefly present their course! This time: Christian Fritz

“Law” is a broad field. Since in practically all cases the participants are completing a demanding MBA course in order to improve their professional career opportunities, the thematic focus of the lecture is on the legal preparation for the assumption of management tasks. This includes the exercise of the power of attorney, the management of a limited liability company (GmbH), the activity as a member of the board of a (European) stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft), the assumption of the management of a company under trade law as well as the appointment of a responsible representative under administrative criminal law. Management functions also include activities on the supervisory board, advisory board and comparable corporate bodies.

In a round of introductions, to which I attach great importance, the participants have the opportunity to formulate their wishes, expectations and specific technical questions, which will be dealt with in the course of the seminar.

All examples of project work originate from practice; they combine legal, economic and “tactical” elements – in line with the objectives of an MBA course.

During the years I have lectured on the “International MBA in Management & Communications” course, I have come to appreciate both the participants and the course leaders.