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Job change in the crisis – Why we may have big career dreams despite Corona

January 27, 2022

On January 26, the Alumni & Career Services event year kicked off with the first inspiring Alumni Talk. The speaker: Michael Hanschitz, new/outplacement consultant, author, career coach and graduate of the Tourism Management study program. The topic: Is Corona killing our dream jobs?

In the talk, the expert dealt together with the participants with job change fantasies and the changed labor market situation in the crisis.
True to the motto “Life is lived forwards and understood backwards”, the FHWien alumnus first reported on his career and reflected on his professional decisions and learnings.
From the career advisor’s point of view, what has changed as a result of Corona? At the beginning, both employers and employees were in chaos. The impact of drastic life events, such as losing a job, has an enormous effect on us as people, especially against the backdrop of crisis. However, because of all the downtime we’ve had, be it lockdown or short-time work, a thought process has been set in motion and many people are questioning whether their job is fulfilling them at all. Many are seriously thinking about changing jobs or even careers as a result of this “Corona clarity.” When asked whether it is worth changing jobs during a crisis, Hanschitz gave a clear answer: Yes! Staying in a job only out of fear of the unknown is “hell on earth.” The key here is to create perspectives and become active in order to change the situation. Our alumnus shared these and many more tips on personal issues with the participants.

In any case, the talk was characterized by confidence. Because, according to Hanschitz, the chances of being successful on the job market have not changed as a result of the crisis. The credo is still: Dream big!