Ilona Pezenka and David Bourdin present their research at the EMAC Conference in Glasgow

June 11, 2018 Ilona Pezenka and David Bourdin, MSc from the Department of Communication of FHWien der WKW presented their empirical research findings at Europe’s largest academic Marketing conference

The 47th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) was hosted by the reputable University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland) from May 29 to June 1, 2018. More than 800 international academics were invited to present the results of their research after their submissions passed a rigorous peer-review selection process. The Department of Communication of FHWien der WKW was represented with contributions by Ilona Pezenka and David Bourdin. Ilona Pezenka (Senior Researcher) presented a poster entitled “A text-mining based detection of Kano’s factors in online reviews”. The study employs domain specific aspect based sentiment analyses of hotel reviews derived from TripAdvisor to determine the importance of different features based on the Three-Factor Theory of Customer Satisfaction. The results of the presented study will help hotel managers in allocating resources according to their potential of creating customer delight and of preventing dissatisfaction.

David Bourdin, MSc (Teaching & Research Associate at the Competence Center for Marketing) held a presentation on a research paper entitled „The Effects of Brand Globalness Perceptions and Brand Origin Stereotypes on Brand Preference: Consumer Ethnocentrism, Product Involvement, and Hedonic/Utilitarian Product Characteristics as Moderators”. Together with Professor Attila Yaprak (Head of PhD Program Business Administration at Wayne State University, Michigan), he examined the influence of stereotypes associated with a brand’s country of origin on consumer behavior and the role of individual (e.g. ethnocentrism) as well as product category related characteristics.

By participating at the EMAC conference in Glasgow, Ilona Pezenka and David Bourdin were able to gain innovative ideas for future research projects, to network with researchers from universities across the globe, and to strengthen the reputation of FHWien der WKW within the international scientific community.