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Human resources development goes e-learning

March 8, 2019

Tools for digital content production, authoring tools and webinars

In the winter semester 2018/2019, as part of the course “Introduction to Personnel Development” a separate lesson on e-learning was conducted.

The latest e-learning trends in business and enterprise, as well as tools for digital content production were presented and tested. For example, students got to know different authoring tools for creating e-learning content and other digital communication and cooperation tools were also tested during the seminar.

In addition, the seminar was held via webinar according to the content of the lesson. Thus, the students could also gain experience in the digital learning setting. The students of the seminar finally developed their own E-Learning concept on the basis of a selected enterprise example.

Text: Thomas Sommerer
Lecturer team: Steffi Bärmann, (Personnel Development), Thomas Sommerer (E-Learning in Companies)

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