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How can sustainable transformation succeed? ESG Talk with Real Estate Experts

June 21, 2023

On June 16 2023, Klemens Braunisch, Head of Real Estate Management Study Programs, invited experts from the real estate industry to a talk at FHWien der WKW.

What do the ESG factors mean for the real estate industry? What could already be implemented and what does this mean for future projects? These and other questions were discussed in a lively exchange with students.

What does ESG mean in real estate?

Put simply, ESG – Environment, Social and Governance  – is about comprehensive sustainability.

In the real estate sector, the ESG criteria introduced as part of the EU’s Green Deal in July 2020 mark a significant turning point. In the future, more attention than ever before will have to be paid to sustainability and resource conservation in both the operation and construction of buildings.

And what is FHWien der WKW doing on this topic? Research! Carmen Dilch, Academic Expert & Lecturer of the Real Estate Management Study Programs, presented scientific work of the students on ESG focal points.

Expert Talk & Discussion

The real estate industry is in the middle of a transformation. DI Wolfgang Gleissner (COO of BIG – Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft) and Mag. Peter Engert (Managing Director of ÖGNI) agreed on this. ESG factors have a comprehensive impact on the national and international real estate industry. In particular, the challenges (e.g.: data preparation for sustainability reporting, resource consumption etc.) and possible solutions (e.g.: circular economy, urban mining, digitalization) were discussed with the students.

The ESG criteria pave the right way to a sustainable future, but many points and discussions are still open and not yet completed. Both experts see one of the most difficult tasks as the work of convincing all those involved.