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How can HR join the corporate board?

March 6, 2019

Steffi Bärmann at the HR Circle panel discussion, 25.02.2019

Experts from the field of practice, science and consulting discussed the positioning of HR in corporate management at the HR Circle on  February 25, 2019. Veronika Aumaier, Managing Partner of AUMAIER CONSULTING I TRAINING GmbH, and Bernd Allmer, Head of HR & Corporate Development at Helvetia Versicherung, were also on the podium with Steffi Bärmann from the Human Resources & Organization study area, along with Eva Planötscher-Straw, Head of Human Resources at Vereinigte Bühnen Wien.

The evening was all about identifying and changing HR requirements in times of digitization, globalization, war of talent, new work and generation change. Without a doubt, HR is an operationally important part of a company and is now required to develop systems and processes that facilitate the operational work and thus contribute to the success of the company. More important, however, will be the strategic positioning of HR management. In addition to classical knowledge, competencies in organizational development, cultural design and change will become ever more relevant. Furthermore, understanding the daily business of the company, internal and external stakeholders, as well as effective communication across all levels will be key issues. Digitization presents us with challenges and opportunities. HR can achieve a lot here and should be positioned strategically alongside classic functions such as finance, IT, marketing and sales in every management board.


Steffi Bärmann
Department of Management
Human Resources & Organisation Study Programs