Global Case Study Challenge: 90 students, 3 universities, 2 continents

November 26, 2018

Students work in multicultural, virtual teams: Barbara Covarrubias Venegas and two other professors organized a Global Case Study Challenge

Digitalization in everyday working life and virtual collaboration in teams has increased significantly in recent years. In global companies in particular, teams are often made up of employees who come from different cultural backgrounds, live on different continents and are located in different time zones. However, the move to remote teams, which are teams that are geographically distributed, is not unique to multinational corporations. More and more executives are facing the challenge to manage teams at different locations within Vienna and/or Austria.

Virtual collaboration is becoming ever more important and that’s why Dr. Barbara Covarrubias has decided to work with two colleagues, Eithne Knappitsch (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Austria) and Prof. Marcelo Baudino (Catholic University Buenos Aires, Argentina), to launch a Global Case Study Challenge. As part of this Global Case Study Challenge with a focus on “Cultural Intelligence in global virtual teams”, approximately 90 students worked in teams on case studies, which were presented on November 16 as part of a virtual conference. The virtual conference was opened by Prof. Boyd Johnson (Department of Leadership Studies, Indiana Wesleyan University) entitled “Culturally Intelligent Global Virtual Teams “, then students presented their case studies in three parallel tracks.

THANK YOU once again to our e-learning expert Tobias Schwarzbauer / Competence Center for E-Learning, without whom the Global Case Study Challenge “in the cloud” would not have been possible.

Contact: Barbara Covarrubias Venegas