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Dive Into: Managing Organizations

February 28, 2020

In the 2nd edition of the series “Dive Into” we take a look behind the scenes of the lecture by Gerhard Fenkart-Fröschl

Management” is one of the most strained terms of modernity. Just about every activity in which one is not the recipient of orders oneself is nowadays quickly regarded as ‘management’. But what is it really about?

In business administration, it is generally agreed that management comprises four core tasks: Planning, organization, leadership and controlling. In our course, we deliberately approach these tasks in a practical way. The starting point is a case study of RenEurope Energy, a multinational energy company whose subsidiary RenEurope Nigeria has slipped into a scandal through no fault of its own.

Students assume the role of ‘Manuela Szinovatz’. As an expatriate, Manuela will be sent to Nigeria in order to achieve a turnaround. Among other things, she will design a new strategy, renew the organizational structure and optimize controlling. And all this she has to make palatable to the local staff, who will view her with suspicion. Students are supported in their concept development by an eLearning tool.

In class, we then discuss all approaches to the case and jointly analyze pros and cons as well as everything they mean in terms of the four core tasks of management.