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CSI Miami in Austria’s companies

September 30, 2021

Wirecard, Commerzialbank, Hygiene Austria – we are all familiar with these companies, at least since they have grabbed the headlines through financial scandals. But what actually happens behind the scenes while we learn about these cases through the media?

Patrick Göschl graduated from FHWien der WKW with an MA in Executive Management and took the participants of the Alumni Talk on October 29 into the world of white-collar crime.

The expert in the area of Forensic Services at PwC Austria opened their eyes to how often fraud occurs in companies. This much can be said: white-collar crime is omnipresent and starts on a very small scale.

In the talk, Patrick Göschl got to the bottom of some important questions: What does a typical fraudster actually look like and which behaviors in the company increase the risk of fraud?  He explained the facets of white-collar crime and how a forensic investigation works. In doing so, he gave insights into his own experiences and provided the participants with film tips on the topic along the way.

At the end, our speaker gave tips on how to prepare: In an emergency, a company should function like a Formula 1 pit stop. Each team member must know and be able to perform his/her duties, because even the best racing car can’t continue if a tire is missing.



In October, we’ll continue with the next Alumni Talk on the topic “My Life’s Purpose – Find your professional and private destiny”. The speaker is Heidi Hauer, Corporate Communications Consultant, Health & Life Coach and author of “The Queendom Within”.
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