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Business project with tax consultancy EY

March 5, 2024

In the third semester of the Bachelor`s program in Finance, Accounting & Taxation, students work on a business project. This time, cases from the practice of management consultants EY were examined in detail and solutions were developed.

At the beginning of the semester, the students were confronted with complex issues from EY’s day-to-day consulting work. For example, they dealt with the tax implications of real estate transactions, the deductibility of interest on borrowed capital and questions of international group tax law. Lecturer Dr. Markus Schragl supported the students during the semester with valuable practical tips when working on the cases.

At the grand finale at the end of the semester, the student teams presented their solutions. The representatives from EY were impressed by the competent and well-founded proposals. Markus Schragl commented on the presentations:

It’s always nice to see when real cases can be solved with theoretically sound knowledge and expertise. This allows our students to draw on practical experience when they graduate – and that is always very welcome by future employers!

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