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Boundless joy in the field of taxation – Expert talk on serial transactions in value added tax

February 17, 2022

Another exciting guest lecture took place in the 3rd semester of the Bachelor’s program in Finance, Accounting & Taxation. This time, the lecture was about the issue of chain transactions in the Austrian VAT business and was held by the experts Mag. Harald Galla and Stefan List, MSc.

After the first guest lecture about input tax deduction held on November 24, 2021 the students once more had the opportunity to obtain expert knowledge at first hand during another guest lecture as part of the course “Value Added Tax and Transfer Taxes” on November 29, 2021.

Mag. Harald Galla and Stefan List, MSc., two proficient experts in the field, shared their knowledge with our students. Mag. Harald Galla has been working successfully for many years as an auditor, tax consultant, tax director and authorized signatory at LeitnerLeitner, a renowned tax consulting firm, in Vienna. Being an author of many specialist publications in the field of tax law, as well as being a lecturer of numerous seminar events, he guided the students through the topic of serial transactions in the field of value added tax. He was accompanied by Stefan List, MSc, who also works as a renowned tax consultant and is one of of Mr. Galla’s team members.

The subject matter is of great importance in the field of cross-border trade. Serial transactions happen to be the case, whenever goods are exported or imported via one or more intermediaries. The students were comprehensively informed about the complex characteristics and features of the representational transactions within the expert talk.

The guest lecture was a good example for demonstrating how complicated practical problems can be successfully solved with the help of academic and practice-oriented education.

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