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Barbara Covarrubias Venegas held keynote speech in Budapest

July 2, 2018

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, researcher from the Human Resources & Organization Study Programs, held the keynote speech at a conference for public administrators in the Hungarian capital.

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, researcher at the Human Resources & Organization Study Programs, was pleased about the invitation to give the keynote on “Human Resource Management in Public Administration in Austria: Developments and Trends ” at a conference for public administrators in Budapest.

The conference, organized by the National University of Public Management, addressed HR professionals in the field of public administration and addressed issues of New Public Management, decentralization in human resource management, as well as career systems and current issues of HR management in public administration.

More than 100 representatives of Southern and Eastern European countries visited the conference and discussed developments in public administration. Life-phase orientation, knowledge management and the requirements for new career systems were the focus of the conference. A follow-up report can also be found on the University’s web page in Hungarian here.

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Mag.a Barbara Covarrubias Venegas
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Human Resources & Organization Study Programs