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The Amendment to the Condominium Act – A Topic with Potential for Discussion and Conflict

February 24, 2022

On February 23, many interested people gathered again for the monthly Alumni Talk. The topic was highly relevant: the impact of climate policy on residential property. The guest was Michael Klinger, a graduate of the Real Estate Management study program at FHWien der WKW. The real estate trustee, managing director of KLINGER Immobilien GmbH, lecturer and court-certified expert for real estate is a true expert in his field and gave the participants in the talk insight into the new amendment to the Condominium Act.

It quickly became clear that this will not only bring relief, but also pitfalls. Klinger explained the potential conflicts that could arise for condominium owners, owners’ associations, tenants and property managers, and at the same time gave plenty of tips on how such conflicts can be resolved or even avoided.

“Everything is possible, nothing is fixed.” – The expert emphasized this with regard to the amendment. The topic of the talk was thus one with an enormous potential for discussion. This was evident in the Q&A session that followed the talk, where participants had the opportunity to discuss their questions with the real estate expert.