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Gerald Janous
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FH-Prof. Mag. Mag. Dr. Gerald Janous

Head of Master's Program Marketing & Sales Management

Head of Program MA (CE) Digital Communication and Marketing
semesters (10 months)
Academic Expert in IT & Management
University places
per semester


In the digital field, excellently trained employees are in high demand in all sectors of the economy. With focus on the following three main topics

  1. Basic knowledge of business informatics,
  2. Data analysis and
  3. Web design

you will position yourself with cross-disciplinary competences from computer science and management.

The academic program is conducted online (classroom sessions optional) and can be easily combined with professional activities.



  • Unique combination of computer science content with management topics
  • Online study program with one optional face-to-face or online revision course per week
  • Self-directed learning in the cohort; lecturers accompany each module
  • Proven and innovative online learning system with interactive features
  • Certificates of achievement (exams) in the form of practical project work
  • Career-friendly structure: 10 coordinated modules in 10 months


Type of degree program

  • Part-time online continuing education program
  • One optional revision course per week (duration: approx. 2.5 hours) with the lecturers to consolidate the contents, online or in presence at FHWien der WKW
  • Total of 60 ECTS credits (creditable for any other courses, e. g. MA (CE) Digital Communication and Marketing)

Language of instruction

German (material occasionally in English)

Start of program

Next start: September 2024

Place of study

Online or in presence at the wko campus wien, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna (U6-Station Währinger Straße/Volksoper)



EUR 6,950 for the entire program (incl. ÖH contribution) incl. all license fees for software and online learning platform

Grants & Financing

Here you find an overview of the funding opportunities.


Admission requirements

Application process

The program “Academic Expert in IT and Management” is a study program for continuing academic education according to § 9 FHG.


Focus & Qualifications

Unique combination of computer science and management

Classical education typically separates business and technology. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that basic knowledge of computer science is in demand for employees in all areas of the company, in addition to management skills.

In this program, therefore, starting from the students’ prior knowledge of business (from practice or training), IT skills are built up from the ground up and linked with management content.

Optimal compatibility with career

The academic program “IT and Management” is conducted online and can be easily combined with professional activities.

An innovative online learning system with interactive features forms the common platform for teachers and students. The teachers accompany the students in the individual modules. Students remain flexible in terms of time and location and acquire their competencies in a joint learning process.

The program is completed after two semesters with the title “Academic Expert in IT and Management”.

Teaching staff

The lecturers are scientifically qualified, have relevant professional experience in well-known companies and have pedagogical-didactic skills at the highest level.


The academic continuing education program includes three main areas of training:

1. Fundamentals of business informatics

  • Introduction to computer science & business informatics
  • IT project management, design thinking
  • Digital business models
  • Mathematical-logical basics of computer science

2. Data analysis

  • Python
  • SQL and relational databases
  • Data warehouse and data mining

3. Web design

  • Web programming, creating dynamic websites
  • Web design & web ergonomics
  • Web applications, creating static websites

Job & Career

When it comes to changes in companies, digitization is just one trigger of many. A cross-functional understanding is not only required for ongoing digitization, but also represents the basis for any further development in the company.

On the job market, employees are in demand who combine skills from the IT and management fields.

Areas of responsibility

Graduates of the program “Academic Expert in IT and Management” are qualified for the following areas of responsibility:

  • Assumption of tasks at the interface between management and informatics
  • Coordination of teams or projects in the field of digitalization (IT project management)
  • Tasks related to data analysis (databases, data analysis, data warehouse systems, data mining methods)
  • Web design: conception and creation of websites


Admission requirements

  • Completion of secondary school or apprenticeship training,
  • At least two years of relevant professional experience (incl. internships and traineeships)
  • Participation in the admission procedure

Application process

  1. Come talk to us!
    Call us or write us an e-mail: Gerald Janous (tel.: +43 (800) 40 00 77-05, e-mail:! Together we will discuss whether the intended study program is the right one for you and whether you meet all admission requirements.
  2. Send all documents (letter of motivation, CV, certificates) to
  3. University places awarded: 2 weeks after receipt of your documents at the latest.
    Due to the limited number of places available, it is recommended that you apply as early as possible.

Study Counseling & Information

If you have any questions about our program, please do not hesitate to contact us in person or by phone at +43 (800) 40 00 77-05 or via e-mail (



  • Tax reimbursement: You can write off the tuition fees against your taxes, as long as the continuing education program is relevant or related to your current occupational field. The tax advantage depends on your total income. You could be reimbursed for up to 43.6 % of the tuition fees!
    More information can be found here:
    Bundesministerium für Finanzen (Federal Ministry of Finance)
    Johannesgasse 5, 1010 Vienna
    Tel.: 01/514 33-0
    E-mail contact form
  • Tax deductibility for companies:
    Entrepreneurs can deduct continuing education costs as business expenses.
    More information can be found here:
    Bundesministerium für Finanzen (Federal Ministry of Finance)
    Johannesgasse 5, 1010 Vienna
    Tel.: 01/514 33-0
    E-mail contact form

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