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Regula Blocher
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Mag.a (FH) Regula Blocher

Academic Expert & Lecturer
New Media & Online Journalism
Academic Expert for Cross-Media Journalism
University places
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With the addition of a third semester, the course can be extended to a full Master’s program (if the entry requirements are met), leading to the degree of Master of Arts (Continuing Education).


Continuing education and training for experienced media professionals

FHWien der WKW has been successfully training journalists for quality media for 20 years. The continuing education program is specifically designed for experienced professionals who want to specialize in cross-media storytelling and digital developments within an academically recognized and comprehensive framework.

The course content is designed to build on individual professional experience and enhance it with academic knowledge and practical tools and techniques.

Good work-life balance

The program is organized on a part-time basis: Attendance is in blocks of days, and about a quarter of the courses are distance learning. This makes it easy to combine the courses with work and private life.


  • Specialize in multi- and cross-media storytelling, building on your experience in one media genre
  • Conceptualize and produce podcasts and web videos on current topics
  • Develop social, communicative and entrepreneurial skills, such as format development, project management in diverse teams and communication with users.
  • Expand your network and portfolio through project work with experienced teachers from the industry.



Part-time degree program

The classroom courses are held in blocks of days. One evening per week is also reserved for distance learning.

Language of instruction

German (Selected courses are taught in English).

Start of degree program

September 2024

Place of Study

FHWien der WKW, Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna



€ 9,400 for the whole Academic Expert program (2 semesters)


10 % discount for alumni of FHWien der WKW

Grants & Financing

Here you find an overview of the funding opportunities.


Focus & Qualifications

Designed for experienced journalists and editors, the course combines journalistic storytelling, digital technologies and modern media and project management. Graduates will be able to

  • demonstrate knowledge of the functionalities, formats and production conditions of digital journalism;
  • use fact-based journalism in the fight against fake news and disinformation on social media;
  • develop and implement digital formats and storytelling for journalistic topics in a way that is appropriate to the target audience;
  • manage cross-media projects in small or large teams;
  • use digital technologies for journalism in an economically, legally, ethically and critically informed way.


The first two semesters each consist of five subject blocks (modules).

Semester 1

In the first semester, specific requirements of digital media are taught in the areas of research, storytelling, information technologies, law & ethics and management & communication.

Semester 2

In the second semester the cross-media journalism modules cover the planning, design and production of podcasts, web videos and images for digital media. You will also learn how to use this content in innovative forms and formats of journalistic storytelling for different audiences. Finally, project work focuses on the transfer of course content into practice.


Jobs & Career

Career opportunities in a fast-changing media landscape

The course is designed for graduates who want to specialize in digital skills and develop their technical and management skills. Upon completion of the course, graduates will be able to take on new roles within their newsrooms or apply for other positions in media companies.

Graduates will improve their job prospects with further training, as journalism requires digital skills and there is a demand for specialists such as cross-media and social media editors, podcast or video editors.


Target group

Salaried or permanent freelance editors or freelance journalists with first or longer professional experience.

Applicants working in related communications professions who are familiar with editorial work.

All applicants will have a strong interest in storytelling for various digital media, as well as information technology and communication design in the context of journalism.

Admission requirements

Academic Expert for Cross-Media Journalism:

  • completion of secondary school or apprenticeship training,
  • at least two years of relevant professional experience (incl. internships and traineeships)
  • as well as very good knowledge of German (native speaker or C1 level).

Program information

If you have questions regarding the program please contact our Head of Program, Mag. (FH) Regula Blocher via telephone 0800 40 00 77-09 or email (

Application process

  1. Come talk to us! Call us or write us an e-mail: Regula Blocher (tel.: 0800 40 00 77-09, e-mail:! Together we will discuss whether the intended study program is the right one for you and whether you meet all admission requirements.
  2. Send all documents (letter of motivation, résumé, certificates) to
  3. University places awarded: 2 weeks after receipt of your documents at the latest. Due to the limited number of places available, it is recommended that you apply as early as possible.

Grants & Financing


  • Tax reimbursement: You can write off the tuition fees against your taxes, as long as the continuing education program is relevant or related to your current occupational field. The tax advantage depends on your total income. You could be reimbursed for up to 43.6 % of the tuition fees!
    More information can be found here:
    Bundesministerium für Finanzen (Federal Ministry of Finance)
    Johannesgasse 5, 1010 Vienna
    Tel.: 01/514 33-0
    E-mail contact form
  • Tax deductibility for companies:
    Entrepreneurs can deduct continuing education costs as business expenses.
    More information can be found here:
    Bundesministerium für Finanzen (Federal Ministry of Finance)
    Johannesgasse 5, 1010 Vienna
    Tel.: 01/514 33-0
    E-mail contact form

Grants in Austria

Grants at the federal state level

Funding opportunity of up to € 5,000 with the Digi-Winner

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