Center for Academic Continuing Education

Center for Academic Continuing Education

The Center for Academic Continuing Education gives participants with professional experience the chance to receive an MSc, an MBA or title of Academic Expert.

In contrast to classical studies that follow the traditional path of completing high school, then a Bachelor’s degree, then a Master’s degree, admission criteria for continuing education programs are based on the length and quality of your professional experience. In this way, we are implementing the internationally established concept of Continuing Education Master programs in Austria.

Your prior career-relevant knowledge will be recognized and developed to university level. Courses last between two and four semesters.

The portfolio includes 19 continuing education programs in 14 study areas. The programs are part-time.

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Continuing Education Programs

International MBA in Management & Communications

The International MBA in Management & Communications is a postgraduate continuing education program for decision makers who want to improve their leadership skills with an academically sound and practice-oriented program.

MSc Accounting

The part-time two or four semester long degree program at FHWien der WKW and WIFI is easy to bring under one roof while working, and supports students in sustainably developing their skills in the area of accounting.

MSc Applied Business Management

The practice-based Master’s degree program in Applied Business Management is geared towards experienced and responsible employees and managers from SMEs, who want to work on specific issues from their area of expertise within a business degree program.

MSc Communication and Counseling in Business

After successful completion of the MSc Communication and Counseling in Business, you will have developed a wide range of skills in the areas of communication and counseling, which are suitable for counseling both individuals and groups.

MSc Cyber Psychology of Online Communication

The program “Cyber Psychology of Online Communication” is targeted at people interested in understanding online communication from a psychological perspective.

MSc Designing Digital Business

Your path to becoming a Digital Business Designer. The two-year Master’s degree program brings technology, design and business together and is addressed to persons with relevant prior experience in the IT sector, who aim to hold a management position in online business.

MSc Digital Communication & Marketing

Your path to becoming a digital marketing expert. As the only MSc program in Austria, the content of studies in the MSc in Digital Communication and Marketing unites the need of businesses for qualified IT- AND marketing digital communications experts.

MSc Industrial and Communications Psychology

The practice-based distance learning degree program MSc Industrial and Communications Psychology is for people with experience in the area of communication and industrial psychology.

MSc Integrated Facility and Energy Management

The Continuing Education program in Integrated Facility and Energy Management is geared towards people with comprehensive subject-relevant experience in construction engineering and/or energy systems in new buildings and refurbishment with a basic knowledge of business.

MSc Leadership

The MSc Leadership and the Academic Expert for Leadership program focus on the systemic development and expansion of the student’s leadership qualities and leadership methods, in particular social and communication skills.

MSc Marketing and Sales Management

Products and services should be brought to people efficiently. Trained experts in marketing & sales are needed for this purpose. Graduates can take on a leadership position in marketing and sales areas in all industries or be self-employed.

MSc Retail Management

Trained experts in retail required. The practice-based continuing education program Retail Management offers committed retail workers the chance to prepare themselves for demanding leadership roles - even without a Bachelor’s degree or a school-leaving certificate (Matura).

Partner Businesses

Münchner Marketing Akademie Logo WIFI-Logo Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie
Münchner Marketing Akademie

(International MBA in Management & Communications)

WIFI Österreich

(MSc Applied Business Management, MSc Accounting, MSc Controlling, MSc Designing Digital Business, MSc Retail Management, MSc Integrated Facility and Energy Management, MSc Marketing & Sales Management)

Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie, Lübeck

(MSc Industrial & Communications Psychology)

Hernstein Institut für Management und Leadership
Hernstein Institut für Management & Leadership

(MSc Leadership)

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Mag.a Natalie Völk

Head of Center for Academic Continuing Education

DI Wolfgang Vrzal, MBA

Academic Head of Center for Academic Continuing Education

Mag.a Isabella Ebner

Head of Program
MSc Accounting
MSc Designing Digital Business
MSc Entrepreneurship
MSc Integrated Facility and Energy Management

Mag.a Christine Güttel

Academic Coordinator
Human Resources Management

Head of MSc Leadership

FH-Prof. Mag. Mag. Dr. Gerald Janous

Head of Master's Program Marketing & Sales Management

Head of Program MSc Digital Communication and Marketing

Dr. Thomas Kaufmann-Lerchl

Head of Financial Management Study Programs

Head of Competence Center for Business Controlling & Accounting

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerald Kolar

Head of Competence Center for Leadership & Social Skills

Head of Program
MSc Industrial and Communications Psychology

Manfred Schieber, MA MSc

Head of Management & Entrepreneurship Study Programs

Head of Program
International MBA in Management & Communications

Mag. (FH) Andreas Tschiltsch

Academic Coordinator MBA & Partner Institutions

Mag.a (FH) Martina Zöbl

Academic Coordinator
Business & Law
Business Field Projects / Internships

Head of Program MSc Retail Management

Nicole Bayer

Program Manager

Mag.a Monika Frasl

Program Manager

Elisabeth Holub

Program Administrator