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Requirements for Master’s Programs

Admission requirements MA Digital Innovation

Do you want to apply for the Master’s program in Digital Innovation at Austria’s leading University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication?

The admission requirements for the Master’s program in Digital Innovation are

  • a completed Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject at a University of Applied Sciences or
  • the completion of an equivalent study program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution.

Relevant Bachelor-level study programs include all Social and Economic Sciences programs as well as programs in Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering fields, provided they include the following:

  • introduction to business administration
  • accounting and finance
  • project and process management
  • private business law

If applicants can basically prove an equivalent degree from a previous program, with only individual components missing, the Head of the Master’s program is entitled to determine full equivalence by requiring the student to take certain examinations in the course of the Master’s program.