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Prize for Innovative Teaching Awarded at FHWien der WKW

November 10, 2022

The university of applied sciences honored outstanding didactic projects. Both individual innovative elements and the successful integration of the SDGs into teaching were awarded.

Vienna, November 10, 2022 By awarding the Prize for Innovative Teaching annually, FHWien der WKW recognizes pioneering didactic projects and thus underlines the high value of teaching at the university of applied sciences for management and communication. On Monday, November 7, 2022, this year’s award winners were honored.

The 24 innovative submissions testify to the high quality of teaching at FHWien der WKW. The Didactics Working Group, headed by FH-Prof. Dr. Beate Huber, Chair of the Academic Board of the university of applied sciences, and Dr. Olivia Vrabl, a university didactician and herself a teacher at various universities in Austria, reviewed all the entries and selected the winners:

Three awards for innovative elements in courses

In the category “Individual Innovative Elements” there are one first and two second places this time:

FH-Doz. Mag. Gerhard Fenkart-Fröschl reached the first place. He packaged the topic of financing, investment & controlling in the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication as an interactive computer game in which an exciting criminal case has to be solved. Students work independently on the solution, supported in their learning process by extensive tutorials and sample solutions for self-assessment. In the face-to-face class, the different approaches to the solution are then reflected upon and the case is solved. The interactive game is a showcase example of the interweaving of asynchronous with synchronous teaching.

Mag. Dr. Hermann Kunesch: In his course “Production” in the Bachelor’s program in Finance, Accounting and Taxation, students compete against each other in different games. This “Game-based Learning” arouses interest and enables a varied and active acquisition of knowledge.

Mag. (FH) Lukas Schober: His course “Strategy” in the Bachelor’s program in Business Management picks up on current findings in learning psychology and consistently implements them in the didactic conception of the course. The result is well-founded and well thought-out teaching that places affective learning at the center.

Two awards for the integration of the SDGs into teaching

In the category “Sustainable Development Goals in Teaching”, the award went to two projects:

The first place went to the team Dr. David Dobrowsky, Mag.a Birgit Schaller and Simone Zwickl. Under their guidance, the handling of children’s rights was developed as a digital case study for UNICEF. The students are engaged directly and emotionally with children’s rights. What they learn is also put into practice right away – the students develop ideas and concepts on how the topic of children’s rights can be communicated in schools. The transfer of learning is thus linked to a socio-politically important topic.

Katharina Rotter, BA MA reached the second place. She linked strategy development with sustainability in the course “Strategic Management”. The students had the opportunity to present their business models to real companies. This is motivating and adds value for the companies. The idea of a “speed dating of concepts” was also convincing.

Recognition awards for nine other teaching projects

The large number of submissions prompted the jury to award appreciation prizes to further outstanding projects:

FH Prof. Dr. Florian Aubke and Dr. Clemens Költringer
They design the start of the semester of the Master’s program in Urban Tourism & Visitor Economy Management as a bar camp and thus ideally combine individual prior knowledge of the students with the getting-to-know phase. (FH) Regina Czurda, BA
She offers a “playground” for new learning. The students design and test didactic formats, they set their own goals and experience the variety of didactic possibilities.

Dr. Christian Kreidl
He has implemented the topic of accounting in the Bachelor’s program in Tourism Management as an exemplary Flipped Classroom solution with an impressive interweaving of online and offline activities.

Marcus Linford, MA
In his course “Tourism Marketing”, students are given practice-oriented application and reflection questions after each unit, which they work on in a self-organized manner. A reflection takes place at the beginning of the following unit.

MMag.a Sigrid Maxl-Studler
Her course “Business Administration” in the Bachelor’s program in Tourism Management is a professionally structured online teaching project with activating elements. The students appreciated the fact that they were involved and able to become active. This is reflected in the excellent evaluations.

Stefan Nafra, MSc (WU)
His course “Application Design & Development” in the Bachelor’s program in Digital Business uses real problems to elaborate the theoretical content. The course makes programming fun and is characterized by an extensive mix of methods.

Florian Schallmeiner
In his course “Business Valuation”, students are invited to answer questions one week before each unit, which are then discussed with student co-facilitators.

Kambis Kohansal Vajargah
His course “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” in the Bachelor’s program in Entrepreneurship conveys enthusiasm for entrepreneurial action. The students develop sustainable business models and receive continuous feedback from the teacher as a “sparring partner”.

Nora Wenzl, BA MA PhD
Her teaching project sensitizes students to the different demands of digital and analog communication and enables them to flexibly adapt their communication to the respective setting.

FHWien of WKW congratulates all award winners and thanks all participating lecturers.


FHWien der WKW has awarded lecturers for outstanding didactic projects with the Prize for Innovative Teaching 2022. The award ceremony took place on November 7.
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Gerhard Fenkart-Fröschl (center) won the Prize for Innovative Teaching in the category “Individual Innovative Elements” (on the photo with Beate Huber and Peter Gralek).
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In the category “Sustainable Development Goals in Teaching”, the Prize for Innovative Teaching 2022 at FHWien der WKW went to the team David Dobrowsky, Simone Zwickl and Birgit Schaller (from right to left, with Beate Huber).
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