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FHWien der WKW Gets Endowed Professorship for Sustainable Urban Tourism

October 12, 2022

The professorship is financially supported by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. The aim is to establish a research program for sustainable and resilient location and tourism development.

Vienna, October 12, 2022 Tourism is of great importance for Vienna. With its Visitor Economy Strategy, the City of Vienna is pursuing the goal of shaping this economic sector in such a way that it takes into account the interests of the population, the local economy and guests. An Endowed Professorship for Sustainable Urban and Tourism Development at FHWien der WKW will provide scientific support for this process in the future. It is financially supported by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce (WKW) and the first professorship in Austria in the field of urban tourism.

Provide benefit and value for the economy, population and guests

“The endowed professorship is intended to examine economic, social and ecological aspects of tourism in cities like Vienna,” explains Florian Aubke, Head of Tourism & Hospitality Management Study Programs at FHWien der WKW. “The ecological dimension includes, for example, mobility concepts that should be as environmentally friendly as possible; the social dimension of urban tourism includes its impact on the quality of life of residents; the economic dimension is about, for instance, how to design service chains in an environmentally and socially responsible way.” The endowed professorship will contribute to sustainable destination development that creates benefit and value for Vienna’s economy, the population and visitors, adds Aubke.

Guidance for companies

“By financially supporting the Endowed Professorship for Sustainable Urban and Tourism Development, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce backs the Visitor Economy Strategy of the City of Vienna,” says Walter Ruck, President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. “In this context, the professorship is to act as a source of ideas and a knowledge hub that provides recommendations for action to economic operators in tourism and other industries.” According to Ruck, the scientific study of urban tourism and the visitor economy is also important for the future of tourism education in Vienna, because the research findings will be incorporated into education and training.

International benchmark

“With its Visitor Economy Strategy, Vienna is doing pioneering work – in it we commit ourselves to a sustainable development of urban tourism in ecological, economic and social dimensions. FHWien der WKW is a showcase partner when it comes to its academic implementation,” explains Norbert Kettner, Managing Director of the Vienna Tourist Board. “The upgrading of the Tourism & Hospitality Management study programs by an endowed professorship shows impressively how science and practice in Vienna work hand in hand to create new impulses and further develop tourism in such a way that it brings benefits for the city and its inhabitants beyond the industry itself.” In this way, Vienna is once again setting an international benchmark, Kettner goes on to say.

Contribution to the further development of tourism study programs

The endowed professor will work closely with FHWien der WKW’s Tourism & Hospitality Management study programs, which have been offering practical degree programs for the tourism industry since 1994. These include the Master’s program in Urban Tourism & Visitor Economy Management. “With our study programs in tourism management, we are fulfilling an important task for the tourism industry,” emphasizes Michael Heritsch, CEO of FHWien der WKW. “After all, tourism in Vienna and Austria needs the best trained specialists and managers. With its research work, the endowed professorship will contribute to the further development of these offerings in the spirit of sustainable urban tourism.”

Applicants with interdisciplinary profile sought

The requirements for applicants for the endowed professorship reflect the interdisciplinarity of tourism: Interested persons have conducted research in at least one subarea of sustainable tourism development, taking into account systems-theoretical approaches. Invited to apply are persons who have at least a doctorate and, if possible, a habilitation, as well as extensive business experience.


FHWien der WKW gets an Endowed Professorship for Sustainable Urban and Tourism Development, which will serve as a source of ideas and knowledge hub for the tourism industry.
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