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Endowed Professorship for Sustainable Real Estate Development at FHWien der WKW

June 22, 2023

Anna-Vera Deinhammer has been researching and teaching at the Real Estate Management study programs of the university of applied sciences since June 1. Four companies have endowed the professorship.

Vienna, June 22, 2023 An Endowed Professorship for Sustainable Real Estate Development has been established at FHWien der WKW. Anna-Vera Deinhammer has held the professorship since June 1, 2023. The main objective is to create a center of excellence for sustainable, resource-saving and climate-neutral real estate development and renovation, which takes into account aspects of the circular economy as well as current legal regulations in Austria and the EU.

About Anna-Vera Deinhammer

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Anna-Vera Deinhammer will spend five years as an endowed professor at FHWien der WKW researching and teaching on the complex topic of sustainable real estate development, which is so crucial for the real estate industry. In addition, on behalf of ÖGNI (Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Development), she is involved in EU and international organizations (including the World Green Building Council, Climate Positive Europe Alliance, Circular Building Coalition) as the Austrian voice of the construction and real estate industry and does standards work in the ASI Committee ON 271 “Sustainability of Buildings”.

Sustainability as a core topic in research and teaching

Sustainable real estate development is the central strategic theme in the further development of the existing degree programs and continuing education programs in the field of real estate management at FHWien der WKW. This includes research and teaching as well as the transfer of knowledge to real estate companies. “This strategic focus on sustainability distinguishes our university of applied sciences as a whole,” explains Michael Heritsch, CEO of FHWien der WKW. “We are educating tomorrow’s professionals and managers to act in an ecologically, economically and socially responsible manner.”

Impulses for more sustainability in the real estate industry

Four companies have endowed the professorship for sustainable real estate development:

  • TPA Steuerberatung GmbH
  • Signa Holding GmbH
  • BUWOG Group GmbH
  • LENIKUS Immobilien GmbH

The donors will contribute topics whose research and clarification are central to their own business activities and to the real estate industry. The research results are to be published, presented at professional events and passed on to students.

Through these activities, the endowed professorship will provide the real estate industry with scientifically validated impulses for more sustainability and contribute to achieving the sustainability goals set by the United Nations and the EU, for example in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EU’s Green Deal and Taxonomy Regulation. Finally, the actors in the real estate sector should be encouraged to use current crises to develop and operate future-oriented real estate and thus create secure investments.

The necessary transdisciplinary approach is practiced by the endowed professorship from the very beginning. This can already be seen in the composition of the donors’ consortium, which unites different perspectives and issues.


Anna-Vera Deinhammer has been Endowed Professor for Sustainable Real Estate Development at FHWien der WKW since June 1, 2023. Four companies have made the new professorship possible.
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